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About Me.

My name is Barbara Varga a young Hungarian lady who forged a solid and diverse path between her inimitable spicy Hungarian culture and the distinctive and culturally rich Netherlands. There is at least one thing that makes me feel really proud and special. And that is ART. My paintings are built on certain emotions and experiences.

I can describe myself as an impulsive painter, not following any trend line or expectations.

Although my real painting style is abstract, therefor I try to practice with this method.
For me the art of painting goes way beyond the surface of the paper.

To observe the reaction from all the people viewing my creations; provides me an incredible feeling.
Experiencing the satisfaction on the faces when looking at the paintings is the real reward for my soul. I never studied painting, it’s my hobby, one which I started when I was five years old and started to draw in my grandmother’s kitchen. I started with squiggled lines and mixing colors on to odd shaped objects without any understanding of scale.

I expressed my affection towards my family through making of drawings weekly.

There was just not enough paper in the house.
As I grew up my interest in painting of those beautiful moments never drifted away. One of my friend once told me "whenever you are lost you always reach yourself again through painting, so why not do it continuously"... at that moment something has changed. It set me on a journey to achieve something bigger and way beyond... To this day there is nothing that satisfies me more than creating something with my own hand for myself, friends and other people...




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